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Monofloral honey vs Flavoured Honey.

While we bring to you our four variants of raw honey, let's address the topic of difference between monofloral or polyfloral honey and flavoured or infused honey.

Based on the source of nectar honey are of two types- monofloral honey if the honey is coming from only one type of plant and polyfloral or multifloral if the honey is coming from the nectar of multiple plants or flower sources.

For example Apple Flower Honey is produced by bees using the nectar of apple plants.

Many of us confuse that the taste and aroma of monofloral honey honey is because of some artificially added flavours which is not true at all. Many brands do sell artificially flavoured honey in the name of raw honey and charge you the same price as that of raw unprocessed honey. And that's exactly where adulteration of this superfood takes place.

So it's a request to all our conscious consumers that before purchasing the bottle of superfood do go through the label and question the source of flavours of the honey.

Ruling our list of medicinal superfoods of India is the Moringa Powder or Drumstick Powder.

Moringa powder is made after naturally drying moringa leaves. Moringa is often referred to as the miracle tree and is considered to be a source of incredible health benefits, rich in proteins and
minerals. It has more calcium than milk, more Vitamin A than carrots, more phosphorus than
bananas and is also rich in Vitamin C.

Moringa is beneficial in blood purification and strengthens our bones. It acts as a detoxifying agent and flushes out impurities from the body. It also has anti-aging properties, leading to a
glowing skin and helps sharpen eyesight.
Regular consumption of moringa reduces
symptoms in cancer patients.

Modernized or Traditional Method of making Ghee- Which one will you choose?

Our forefathers didn't have machines or processors to make that pure desi ghee at their kitchen. All they had was an earthern pot and a wooden churner and that was enough for them to get the perfect bottle of #shudhdesighee.

Also, our forefathers didn't have any exotic breed of cows. They had the native breeds of India whose milk is considered to be next to mother's milk owing to its nutritive values.

Unfortunately over the last two decades we focused more on exotic breeds of cow because of their high yielding capacity, bought more of imported superfoods and conditioned our body to exotic foods. We overlooked the fact that all the superfoods are available at our very own kitchen and at our native place. As a result we not only compromised the efforts of our local farmers, but also, we compromised our own immunity power by relying heavily on processed foods.

We are a very small group of farmers striving our best to bring back the traditional superfoods back to your kitchen and urge you all to accept this holistic lifestyle.

Firewood cooking is the best mode of cooking.

In times where we can't imagine our kitchen without induction and non-stick cooking pans, we at Purely Desi Farms still uphold the traditional mode of cooking that uses firewood and cow dung cakes.

The main reason behind using cow dung cakes along with firewood is that the temperature never rises beyond a certain point and thus the nutrience in the food is retained which is otherwise destroyed by overheating.

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